Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Goals and Bucket List

You might think the title seems a little cliche. but i thought to myself, I just turned 31 last week and I'm officially a young adult. Whew! (Which means in Philippine mortality rate, I only have 27 years to live on this planet added 7 years because I totally avoided smoking for more than a year and quit drinking but only a little  red wine on some occasions which is beneficial to our health.) So a few bucket list wont hurt me. Though I already did set some goals before I turned 30, I am sharing them anyway. this can actually help me set my goals straight and enjoy life a little bit more.

So as they say, since i am posting this in public, It means that i am held accountable for my words and more likely to accomplish them. Hopefully!

So, here we go.

 Bucket list:

1. Own a big parrot  as a pet.

2. Visit the beautiful beaches of  Bali Indonesia, Maldives, and Gold coast, Australia.

3.. Grow an edible backyard garden.

4. Stay in Marina bay sands and swim in their infinity pool.

5. Visit at least 5 Asian countries aside from Singapore. (2 to go)

6. Get to visit Paris, Barcelona, Milan as a tourist. 

7. Bring my family to Boracay.

8. Camping with my family overnight and stargaze on the nightsky!

9. Run a successful blogsite.

10. Get into a 3-day cruise ship.

11. Join a marathon.

12. Pledge to do something nice to less fortunate children every Christmas time or once a year.

Life Goals:

1. Buy my own car from my own money.

2. Build my DREAM HOUSE.

3. Get to see my two sons to get marry and have a family of their own.

4. Live and work in Australia with family.

5. Get my own profitable business in Philippines.

6. Grow old together with mi Amor.

7. Live and eat healthy.


My Spiritual bucket list:

1. To be a living testimony of God's Love and promise.

2. To join a ministry to serve.

3. To get my whole family to become a believer of Christ.

4. To keep a journal of my prayers for myself.

5. To maintain a deep relationship with God.

These are just a few. I might add some more along the way. and I strongly feel that God will help me accomplish them by his graciousness! The most important thing is how you live your life and share it to others. because as what God said in his scriptures. This earthly place we live in is only temporary and we should invest more on our life after death. The Eternal life with GOD.

2 Corinthians 5:1

5 "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands"

Much love,


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